Actuarial Services

Since 1994 we have provided services to top-level companies and entities in actuarial matters.
Professionalism, quality, attention, and teamwork.

What we do

We are an actuarial consultancy specialized in providing services to Insurance Companies, we are also a benchmark in Security Social, entities that provide Health Services and Pension Plans of Private Management.

We currently lead the area of actuarial advice to pension Funds for Professionals in Argentina, with clients throughout the entire country.

Our members have a vast experience recognized both nationally and internationally in the design, constitution, implementation, communication, administration and development of Pension Plans both in Complementary pension Funds, in Pensión Funds for Professionals and in many companies as employee benefits.


Why Fastman y Asociados​


Providing the best service to our clients is an absolute priority for us. Far from offering standardized solutions, these are tailored to our clients needs. Our service is personalized wherever you are.


We have more than 25 years of experience in each of the services we offer, both within Argentina and internationally. Our members have participated in important projects both in top, medium or small companies, as well as in government entities.


The professional level of each of our consultants is widely recognized among our clients, the timely delivery of the work required even in urgent circumstances, as well as the quality of the reports submitted.


In addition to the own clients developed by Fastman y Asociados, we could also mention hundreds of local or international companies and entities attended by the members of our consultancy during the professional experience of each of them in the respective companies that they previously worked for.


La historia del sistema previsional argentino (6ª parte)

Comparándonos con otros países.
Resulta interesante comparar nuestro Sistema de Seguridad Social con el de otros países en una serie de indicadores:

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