Social Security

Retirement Funds are currently indispensable institutions for all those who hope to spend old age without surprises.

To achieve this, adequate planning is needed in the short, medium and long term, where the actuary assumes an irreplaceable role.

Actuarial balance

The actuarial report represents the GPS of all retirement funds. Our actuarial balances, based on professional assumptions tailored made to each client, provide optimal guidance so that those who manage the pension funds can make the appropriate decisions.


It may happen that an entity needs an adaptation of its regulations. We have the capacity and experience necessary to adapt them to the need of each entity.


We excel in preparing and speaking at explanatory meetings so that the directors and / or associates of the pension funds can properly understand the actuarial reports and, therefore, the meaning of the decisions made that cosntitutes the life of the pension funds

Pension plans

Among our services we include the design, implementation, communication and administration of private pension plans in mutuals, companies and other entities.

Actuarial balances are essential for the management of a pension fund to be efficient.